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Since our founding, GPT has been embraced by a generous community of donors committed to supporting live professional theatre in Abilene.  Each year, more than 50% of all contributions to GPT come from individuals and families.  We depend on this support to produce first-class productions, to serve regional students with our Live Literature Series, and to provide area youth with the opportunity to experience theatre through our Educational and Summer Camp Programs.  We are grateful for our donors listed below!

2022 Donors

Producer – $10,000+

Ralph Viola

Richard "Alex" Alexander

Director – $1,000+

Roy & Donice Applequist

Doug & Marlene Lindahl

Dennis & Sheila Biggs

Helen Graves

Tony & Sarah Geiger

Brett & Donna Weeks

Emma Balsiger Foundation

Barry & Meta West

John & Joann Thayer

Nancy Gugler

Marlin & Melinda Fitzwater

Ensemble - $250+ 

Jim Hague

Jeff & Mary Kate Luty

John & Peggy Meuli

Kathy Ford

Cheryl Raborn

Lila Berkley

Lawrence Kliewer

Hank & Jo Royer

Louise Frey

Flint Hills Assoc. of Realtors

Lance Royer & Bo Turney

Pat Cress

Jim & Pattie Mayhew

Debra Ruehlman

Brandy Andrews

Jeanette Luedke

Crew - $100+

Karen Buhler

Dale & Valda Haug

Rick Hall & Shirley Sampson

Susan & Ray Mueller

Joseph Miller & Rebecca Clouse

Joy Smith

Laurel & Larry Erickson

Randal & Jussy Barten

2022 CFDK Donors

Natalie & David Wood

Tony & Sarah Geiger

Mildred Hanson

Debra Romberger

Bruce & Denise Youtsey

Patricia Mayhew

John & April Barker

Ann Strunk

Sue & John Kollhoff

Theresa Brierton

Evan & Annette Wilson

Rosa & Dennis Holland

Kendall & Ann Manning

Louise Frey

Delphine Holston

Loren & Anna Gugler

Sara Garza

Pottberg, Gassman, & Hoffman

Susan & Ray Mueller

Lisa Eickholt

Joseph & Anita Miller

Janet & Martin Fadden

Robert & Ann Robson

Wendell & Nancy Gugler Charitable

Nancy Jarecki

Kathy Ford

Nicole Printz

Elizabeth & Dennis Weese

We are beyond grateful for those that have donated so far this year (2022). Just like many other businesses, the arts, specifically live theatre, have all been hit extremely hard. We believe in giving back to our community through creative outlets, positivity, and support. If you have enjoyed performances and appreciate youth inclusion, we need your financial help. Consider becoming a Season 29 (2023) Donor today!

We make every effort to ensure our Donors are listed correctly; if we have left you off our list or you have been incorrectly placed above, please call the office.  

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